Monday, August 30, 2010

Living Single?

My biggest worry right now is my living situation.  We have to sell the house.  Right now we both technically live here, although he comes home maybe twice a week to shower and occasionally wash clothes.  Maybe he sleeps here one night a week.  He's been sleeping on the couch for over a year so this part has very little effect on me.  I prefer him not to be here because he is very disruptive.  Suddenly there are dirty socks and smelly smokey clothing and wet towels all over the place. 

Anyway, I have never lived alone and I'm kinda excited about it.  Technically, I won't be alone because of the kids, but I've never been the only adult.  I got married at 19 to my first husband.  When he and I separated, I moved in with the padres for awhile until I got a job and could afford to buy a house.  By then I had already met husband #2 so when I bought the house, we moved in together. 

I'm excited and terrified.  The housing market sucks and what if we don't make any money on the house?  What if I can't afford some place in a good neighborhood?  So many things to worry about!

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