Monday, August 30, 2010

Reflections: Life is Hard

Little House on the Hill, Paul Corfield
The sooner we accept that life is hard, the better off we all will be and the faster we can move forward.  I am so ready to cut the hard stuff right out of my life.  Everyday is hard stuff which is kind of ridiculous.  More bad than good and it's starting to take over.  How do we tip the scales in the other direction?

I'm a pretty upbeat person and having to talk about it is such a downer.  I was discussing things with Step-Dad and he was not really listening but more telling me what I should be doing.  I should be trying to keep the house (uh, hello? I can't afford it on my own?  It's too big to maintain on my own?), he says.  I don't want to keep the house.  I want to cut everything having to do with our life together out because that life doesn't exist anymore. 

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